Your smile matters, and cosmetic dentistry can help you make it count

What is the very first thing that you often notice about someone when you are first Is it the way that their hair looks? Is it it their eyes? It is their cheekbones? For many people, the first place that their eyes are drawn to is a person’s mouth. We are quick to notice someone’s smile. After all, don’t we hear a variety of sexist remarks all aimed at telling girls that they look prettier if they smile? Don’t we have cultural jokes about people with bad teeth? Don’t we find people attractive when they have pretty smiles? There are just so many different ways that a smile is coded and interpreted in our culture, and it is hard for people to separate that from their first impressions of people. With this in mind, if you are unhappy with the way your smile looks, then you probably have a lot on your mind. You probably try to avoid smiling and avoid showing your teeth off because you fear the impacts of a negative first impression. After all, there are just so many of these messages that we get as a culture that makes snap judgments based on the look of someone’s teeth, and it can feel really hard to get away from that.

So, what are you going to do if your teeth are not the way looking the way you want them to and you feel self conscious about your smile? First things first, you must visit a cosmetic dentist. The cosmetic dentistry industry is one that knows how hard it can be to live with a smile that doesn’t feel like it reflects who you really are. Whether you are struggling with teeth that are crooked or missing or just in bad shape, there are a lot of options for you when you decide to invest in a visit to your cosmetic dentist. What can a cosmetic dentist do for you and for your smile? There are a lot of services that a cosmetic dentist can provide to make your smile sparkle again. First there are dental implants, or prosthetic teeth that are screwed into your jaw bone in order to replace teeth that are dead or broken and beyond repair. This process typically takes a few months and provides you with a prosthetic tooth that seamlessly blends in with the rest of your mouth. You could also look into cosmetic veneers, or covers that are placed over your teeth to reshape them. This is a great choice for people whose teeth are out of shape but are not interested in (or do not have serious enough problems to merit) getting braces. This alternative fills in the odd shapes and makes your teeth look blended and straight without doing any work to physically move the teeth.

Theses are just a few of the options that a great cosmetic dentist can provide. Call the team at Incredible Smiles today to learn more about the options that are available for you!


These are some of the reasons cosmetic dentistry is an important step in restoring more than just your smile.

Teeth are important. They are a highly functional part of our body and our mouth. After all, our teeth, how are going to eat our food or speak to our friends and family? Teeth are the keys to communication and to sustenance, but they also are the keys to self confidence for many people. There are a lot of reasons why people make choices to take care of their teeth in certain ways, and lot of those reasons stem back to those three key pieces. If your teeth are not functioning at their highest level to help you eat your food, talk to your friends, and make new connections, then they are not serving you well and it is time for you to revisit how you are caring for your teeth! The first step in making moves to better care for your teeth is to find a team like the ones at Incredible Smiles to help you determine the very best steps for your dental care. They have seen all kinds of teeth, and they know that taking care of your teeth is a critical first step for restoring health and well being for a person. There are a lot of ways that this can be done and a lot of reasons why expert cosmetic dentists are so popular. Here are some of the ailments you’ll find solutions for when you visit a cosmetic dentist and let them help you find the solutions you are in need of:

  • Help chewing food: If your teeth are broken or sometimes even dead, the simple act of taking a bite of your favorite foods can feel challenging and sometimes incredibly painful. While this might be the case now, it does not have to remain that way. With a solution such as dental implants, many people find relief from painful broken or dead teeth. With an implant, you can replace the dead tooth with a prosthetic that is set into the jaw bone like a replacement tooth. You won’t even know the difference, and you will look and feel better!
  • Overcoming self consciousness: If your teeth aren’t in good shape, you probably feel really self conscious about the way that they look. After all, your teeth have the opportunity to say a lot about you. We have all of these negative stereotypes about people with bad teeth and our society makes snap judgements that can leave people whose teeth aren’t in good shape feeling really self conscious. With the right dental care, you won’t have to feel that way anymore.
  • No adult braces: While braces are certainly a great option and a needed one in some cases, other cases can be easily solved with a little cosmetic dentistry! The team at Incredible Smiles can provide porcelain veneers that can reshape and cover up teeth that are crooked and out of alignment. This reshaping process is sometimes all that is need to make a smile look beautiful again!

Call your local cosmetic dentist today to find out what options are available for you!

If You have Misshapen Teeth or Spaces, You Might be A Good Candidate for Porcelain Veneers

Many times people don’t grow up going to the dentist regularly. For one reason or another, their parents didn’t take them in to see the dentist unless they had pain in their mouth. Usually the reason was because of money. So when they get to be an adult and they go on to college and finding a career, they may realize how important good, attractive teeth really are. It’s never too late to change your teeth. There are so many ways to change your bad teeth into attractive teeth that you are proud to show off when you smile. It’s never too late to have braces. Braces can be very discreet if you are a candidate for Invisalign. They are clear and most people don’t even notice that you are wearing them. When you are an adult and you try to improve your teeth, you will want to contact the office of Incredible Smiles. They are a cosmetic dental office that are very professional and can do whatever treatments it will take to get your teeth perfect, straight and white. cosmetic veneersThey specialize in veneers and dental implants. They want to help you achieve that wonderful smile that you can have when you have the kind of teeth that you know you can show off to the world.

Many times adults decide they are tired of having teeth that they are ashamed of. They want to change things up a little and they are determined to get their teeth fixed no matter what the cost. Everyone wants a nice smile that people admire and makes them more attractive. It’s really not fair but we are all judged by our teeth. If people see missing, misshapen, dingy or crooked teeth, they assume that you don’t have the money to get them fixed. We all make snap judgments and sometimes we realize that we were wrong after we get to know a person. But someone going in for a job interview will want to make sure that they present themselves in a great way and that they are able to look the best that they can in order to make a good impression. If you are needing dental implants or cosmetic veneers, you will want to go in the office of Incredible Smiles and see Dr. Lori Ann Kemmet. She is the best in the business and she wants you to look your best. She understands the embarrassment of having teeth that you have to hide. She understands that you need help and with her expertise, she will find the perfect solution for you and your teeth.

You can rest assured that when you go inside the office of Dr. Kemmet, you will be getting the help that you have needed to change your appearance. She will recommend the needed treatment or treatments that you will need. Whether you are going to be having dental implants or porcelain veneers, you will understand that you will be getting expert care and you will be getting the right treatments to give you an amazing smile!

If You Have Teeth That Have Lots of Problems, You Might Consider Cosmetic Dentistry

When you are considering getting some dental implants or veneers, you will want to consider the office of Incredible Smiles. They are always on top of all of the latest dental techniques and products that are on the current dental market. They treat all of their patients as individuals and they have a unique plan for each and every patient. Each patient will be treated with respect and will be given an individual diagnosis that only fits them. They will be given an estimate that will fit their profile. Once they are given the right estimate and diagnosis, they will be treated with respect regarding their budget and payment plan. Each person will realize that he is an individual and this office will treat them like there are unique and special with their own diagnosis. When they decide if they want the whole treatment and they want to get started, it can be a very special time for them. They may If they have suffered with bad teeth their whole life, they may want to get started immediately and they may be very excited to get their teeth fixed. Cosmetic Veneers can change lives when they change someone’s smile permanently.Cosmetic Dentistry Getting one’s teeth fixed can be exhilarating for some and even very emotional. Those who have gone without good teeth for a long time, may be emotional because they know how much it will change their life.

A child that has not been to a dental office for a long time and then is able to go and get his teeth fixed will be a lot better off getting them fixed while he is still young. This can keep many problems from arising and can save lots of money in dental costs down the road. When someone brings a child in to get their teeth fixed, they will be doing their child a great favor. Instead of worrying about his teeth while he is young and being embarrassed, he will be able to focus on things that matter in his life. If a child doesn’t get the dental care that he needs while he is still young, he will be facing probably more problems down the road. Many times letting dental problems go can mean that the child will be facing problems that can affect their whole life. Sometimes letting teeth go can cause infections that can be life threatening. When teeth move and shift sometimes this can cause teeth to become infected.

The beauty of cosmetic dentistry is that the receiver will never be the same. Their teeth will look beautiful and they will have the confidence in their smile that they have never had before. This kind of dentistry is such a miracle for some people. To be able to smile and laugh without fear of others seeing your teeth is so freeing. Many people feel like they have become free from all of the embarrassment that they may have had for many years to come.